SuperValu Travel Insurance

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SuperValu travel insurance is underwritten by Chubb European Group SE.

Your Statutory Rights are unaffected by our Terms & Conditions.

Please click on the tab to review all of our Terms and Conditions.

In addition to our website terms and conditions, every insurance policy has a specific set of terms and conditions that apply to it - referred to as the policy wording.

We ALWAYS enable you to review the full policy wording, before you purchase cover from us. Once you have purchased cover, your fulfilment documents will include the policy wording.

We draw your attention to key aspects of all our insurance policies.

Your right to cancel a policy

If you are not satisfied with a Policy we will cancel it and refund any premiums you have paid. We will do this, providing you have asked us to cancel the Policy within 14 days of purchase, and have not travelled or made a claim. Cancelling the policy will mean that no cover under the Policy ever existed, and you will not be able to make a claim.

Complaints & Resolving Issues

We operate a comprehensive complaints procedure.

If you have any questions or concerns with our Terms and Conditions, we welcome your enquiry - click here for our full contact details

Updates or changes to our Terms & Conditions

All of our Terms and Conditions are routinely reviewed and updated to ensure that they reflect the latest situation with regard to technology and data protection. In many cases, updates will reflect changes to improve the way your privacy and security are protected. To enable you to review any such changes we will also provide a synopsis of the areas that are updated here. There are no updates at present. Comments on our Service We welcome comments on any aspect of our website, policy wording, or service - you can Contact Us to provide your feedback.